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Object-oriented programming or OOP is an object-oriented programming method.

The existing program is a combination of several small pre-existing components.

This can make the programmer’s job easier in developing programs.

Objects that are interrelated and arranged in a group are called classes.

In time, these objects will complement each other to solve complex program problems.

Previously, developers had to focus on the logic to be manipulated, with OOP developers could focus more on the objects to be manipulated.

The main purpose of oop is to solve the problem of program complexity, so that the program is more…

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What is function ?

Functions are blocks of code to carry out an action and will run when the function is called.

Function in Python

The use function in python is very easy, namely by using the “def” keyword followed by the name of the function and (): .

Parameters or Arguments

The parameter term is the information or data that is passed into the function.

From a function’s perspective:

A parameter is the variable listed inside the parentheses in the function definition.

An argument is the value that is sent to the function when it is called.

Call functions, parameters…

Syntax is a command that will be executed on the computer

In programming languages it has a different syntax. Here we will learn about the syntax in python.


In python variable writing can be directly with the variable name. example

In a programming language there are several types of data, namely :


In python, to create a comment prefixed with a hashtag ( # )

Basic Operation

example basic operation in python.


Syntax in python is a built-in function which is used to print the result in the terminal. example


Arrays are variables that contain more than…

Pycharm is a code editor or special integrated development environment (IDE) for the python programming language It is very easy if we use pycharm to create our python project. Because pycharm has many features to support the creation of a python project.

The first open the Pycharm application that is already installed for how to install it, you can see here : How to start a python project

To start a python project we need several steps, namely:

Install Python

You can download python on the following website

You can choose the operating system used

If you have successfully installed python, you can see the installed python version as follows :

You can type in your terminal

Windows :

python --version

Linux :


Mac OS :

python -v

Install Code Editor

You can choose your code editor from my recomendation

PyCharm --Recomendation

What is Python ?

Python is a programming language, python was first created by Guido van Rossum and was first released in 1991 at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), The Netherlands. Python language is inspired by the ABC programming language. Until now, Guido is still the main writer for python, even though it is open source so thousands of people also contributed in developing it.

The name python itself does not come from the name of the snake we know. Guido is a fan of the British comedy group Monty Python. …

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